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Our Easter Day.


Christmas Nativity


Well done to Miss Dixon’s Reception class and Wednesday PM, Thursday, Friday and Afternoon Nursery children, for a great performance.

Christmas Nativity


Well done to Miss Abbott’s Reception class and Morning, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AM Nursery children, for a great performance.

Iggy Peck Architect


This week we have been learning how to be an architect just like Iggy Peck. [easingslider id=”418″]We have drawn some plans and built some fantastic constructions.

WOW Writing



We have some fantastic writing on our WOW wall this week!

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– Jack was working independently on the writing table and has been practising his number formation and some letters he finds tricky. Well Done!
– Lyndon looked at our letter bunting above the writing table and had a go writing the alphabet – What super letters!
– Katelyn has been trying hard to write her name this week – just look at her beautiful letters!
– I’m so pleased Kayden didn’t give up practising a tricky ‘K’ for his name – Fantastic 🙂

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Reading at home with Bug Club


Reception children are up and running on Bug Club!
It’s great to see some children have already logged in and have read some books this weekend.

Log in at –

School Code: RQLC

Happy Halloween!!


We would just like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who came to out Halloween open day this week!

The children had a brilliant day dressing up, making potions and carving pumpkins, and we have had some lovely feedback from the grown ups.

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MMM… Making Crumble


This week the children in Reception have been picking blackberries from our school grounds. We were careful not to hurt ourselves on the spiky bushes!

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Then we had to make the topping by rubbing together butter and flour, making sure we had weighed out the right amount and checking the number on the scales.

We peeled and chopped some apples to add to our crumble… MMM DELICIOUS!

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A visit to the pond!


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Today we had a visit to the pond! We loved catching tadpoles with our nets and found there were lots of creatures living in our pond, including some pond snails!

We look forward to watching the tadpoles turning into frogs!

Paleontologists at work


After the fantastic discovery of dinosaur bones in our outdoor area, we read the story of ‘Monster Stones’ and found out about paleontologists and the work they do. We read how they took lots of photographs and made notes about where the bones were found. They even drew maps of where the bones lay in the ground!

So we got straight to work!
Here are some pictures of us working on our dig site.
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